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This Might Be Jon Stewart's Best Rant Ever. Because Ferguson.

The Civil Right’s Movement did not end in the 1960s. It is a perpetual movement. Ferguson and Trayvon Martin have made it’s perpetuity undeniable.

See This Teacher's Amazing Response To The Question, 'But When Are We Gonna Have To Use This?'

I took Algebra twice and, eventually, tutored it. I still remember the straight line equation, the quadratic equation, and know what factoral means. All throughout school I was not skilled in math. It wasn’t until late in my high school career did the light bulb finally come on, the gears clicked into place. I remember sitting in my 11th grade math class and our teacher beginning class by saying, “Today, I am going to teach you something that none of you are going to understand.” We looked around at each other with bewildered faces. She continued, “You are not going to get it. But I am going to keep teaching it until all of you do.” I do not remember the math lesson that day but I do remember that it took three or four passes on the lesson before the first person got it. After that it was a ripple effect and my classmates were teaching it to other classmates.

I am a guest services representative for a major hotel chain. Do I have an everyday use for this information? No. But it allowed me to solve tough problems, be a critical thinker, acquire knowledge. And that is why it is worth learning.

A Gay Kid Tried To Kill Himself At Age 15 Then Became A Really Awesome Role Model At 41

I’ve never seen an episode of Prison Break, however I did see him guest star as a cop on Law & Order: SVU. He played the role perfectly- brooding, solitary, unwilling to accept help. I didn’t realize until just now that I suppose he was drawing on personal experience.