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To the Genie

Went to bed early tonight but woke up wide awake after only a couple of hours. Tossed & turned for another hour before I got my phone & logged on here.

The news broke about Robin Williams’ death soon after I got home from work. I got choked up when I heard, went on Twitter, and saw similar reactions from fans & celebrities alike.

Robin was my first favorite actor. Like me, many people my age first saw him not as a human, but as a big blue genie, emerging from a lamp, granting a young man three wishes. Aladdin’s final wish is used to free the Genie from centuries of servitude. Aladdin continues to be my favorite Disney animated film, partly because of Robin.

More memorable roles followed: Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, etc. Robin excelled in both comedic & dramatic roles. I mean, is Mrs. Doubtfire really played by the same guy who played Mr. Keating? His ability to transform himself was astounding.

As we have seen all too recently, addiction & depression are ugly bears fought by too many. Please know, there is always someone who cares about you, always someone to talk to, always a friendly shoulder to cry on. You are loved.

I’ve seen many tributes to Robin tonight using quotes from his life & films, including Dead Poets’ Society & Aladdin. I’ll end with a line from Hook that I believe sums up Robin’s life & work perfectly:

"To live…to live would be an awfully big adventure."

Only a mother's love.


I am a very lucky person. I was privileged enough to have such an incredible mother in my life for 24 years, and she will live on within me forever. I’m not going to be hateful, I’m not going to go all “fuck cancer” on the world. That’s not what I am here to do. My mother wasn’t a hateful…

I’m so sorry for your loss, Jake. My condolences to you and your family.